Install Vmware PowerCLI

PowerCLI is really easy to install now. From an Administrative Powershell window just enter:

Minimum Powershell Version must be v3.   Offline Install of PowerCLI Accessing the PowerCLI Modules We’re now ready to download the PowerCLI modules. This task will require a system with internet access. This section has …


Pass credentials with Powershell – 3 Ways

Interactive Here’s your typical scenario.   You have a script that requires credentials internally.  So to provide those credentials you would do something like $MyCredentials=GET-CREDENTIAL –credential “CONTOSO\Username” and you of course see a box like this normally on the screen Then you would type in the password and life would go …


MDT – Joining a Computer to a Domain Using PowerShell

Using PowerShell scripts within a task sequence provides more flexibility than using the CustomSettings.ini file to join a computer to a domain. The parameters of the CustomSettings.ini file are common to any deployment you perform. That’s why creating a custom PowerShell script to join your domain will be customize to …


Windows Event Forwarding for Active Directory Security Logs with DSC

In this post, I will be teaching you how to configure Windows Event Logs Forwarding for Active Directory Security Logs that are stored on Domain Controllers. This is a real world example of how to use DSC in your environments and showcases the benefits of using DSC. If you are …


Run Local Functions Remotely in PowerShell

Run Local Functions Remotely in PowerShell Have you ever had functions loaded into your local PowerShell session and needed to run them on a remote system? The typical solution to this problem is to copy the code to the remote system and then load the functions on the remote system …


Install .net 3.5 Using powershell Server 2012 R2



Powershell Alias

Familiar looking commands like Dir or Ls are in fact Powershell aliases of Get-Childitem. There are many built-in aliases in Powershell and you can even create your own, using the New-Alias  cmdlet eg.

  To get a list of aliases on your system run:

  The default Aliases …


List Windows Server Roles and Features with PowerShell

I’m sure for anyone who administers Microsoft Windows Server the Server Manager console is an all too familiar place. It does make it easy to add/remove roles and features however PowerShell is another great option that can really speed things up at times. So – what can we do with …

Amazon Web Services

Copy All files from an S3 Bucket to your PC

This powershell script copies the contents of an S3 bucket to your pc.



Powershell: Log Manager

Stumbled across this post and thought interesting as we used to have similar problems with logs. We started using the app VisualCron to manage our logs but for whatever reason this could be a healthy costless alternative. Overview Depending on your needs you can configure this script to do the …