Office 365

Save Sent Items in Shared Mailbox

The default behavior for shared mailboxes is that the sent mail will go to the sent items folder of the senders mailbox. This means other users with shared access cannot see what has been sent from this mailbox. We can change this so the sent items are saved to the …

Office 365

Create a Dynamic Distribution Group of All Users in Office 365

Launch Powershell as an Administrator and connect to Office 365 Run

That’s it – Dynamic Distribution Group created. To check the membership of the group…… run


Office 365

Azure AD Connect – Scheduled syncing not working anymore

Azure AD Connect suddenly stopped working. Trying to force a sync using powershell also failed a threw up an error:

SchedulerSuspended. Set by Connect during an upgrade to temporarily block the scheduler from running.  SchedulerSuspended is an editable switch with Set-ADSyncScheduler. Run Set-ADSyncScheduler -SchedulerSuspended $false. Then you you should …


Powershell: Log Manager

Stumbled across this post and thought interesting as we used to have similar problems with logs. We started using the app VisualCron to manage our logs but for whatever reason this could be a healthy costless alternative. Overview Depending on your needs you can configure this script to do the …


Tunnel a PowerShell script to a remote machine and invoke via WMI

In blog post „Invoke a remote command without WinRM, psexec or similar – Access administrative shares even if they have been removed“ I demonstrated how to use WMI to execute a command on a remote computer. The task was pretty simplistic as I only had to create a share. However …


Invoke a remote command without WinRM, psexec or similar – Access administrative shares even if they have been removed

Recently I ran into a situation, where I had to check a few log files on some remote computers and also needed to execute some commands to fix an issue. However, due to reasons I’m not going to enlarge on, all administrative shares had been removed. So by this, no …


MDT 2013, Powershell, and XPath – ZTIGather.xml

With XML being used so much nowadays, XPath is a useful tool to query xml documents, it can also be useful in other ways. For example looking at how the ZTIConfigure.xml file in helps MDT merge information from Customsettings.ini into an answer file. XPath is used to query the answer …


View, Add Or Remove Windows Features Via PowerShell

PowerShell is Microsoft’s scripting language based around the .NET Framework. It’s mainly used for administering and configuring local and remote systems and you can also use it for the same task of viewing, adding or removing optional Windows features. It’s possible to use the DISM tool directly in Powershell but …

Amazon Web Services

AWS IAM Users- using AWS Tools for Windows Powershell

Creating Users –To create a user, use the New-IAMUser cmdlet. New-IAMUser – UserName ‘TestUser’   Get Users – Get details of a user by using Get-IAMUser cmdlet. If you do not pass the -UserName parameter, it will retrieve the details of the user currently logged in. Get-IAMUser   Update Users – If …

Office 365

Allow external email delivery to an Office 365 AD synced Distribution group.

You have distribution groups setup in Active Directory that are synced with Office 365. In the O365 console, you cannot enable allow external senders as it is synced from AD. So you have to set this in AD. There are a few ways to do this: Active Directory In Active …