Using multiple IAM profiles through AWS CLI

Amazon Web Services

We have several different environments hosted in different Amazon accounts so need to create IAM accounts for each. So switching between different IAM accounts is very useful. The AWS CLI allows you to store different profiles. If you haven’t installed the CLI already, then follow Amazon’s guide here.

Configuring Multiple Accounts:

When you configure your AWS CLI tool, a configuration file gets created at ~/.aws/config in Linux/Unix or in Windows at C:\Users\USERNAME\.aws\config , which looks like:

This has a default profile , that gets created when you run “ aws configure “

To create this profile enter:

Default output format can be either json, text, or table. If you don’t specify an output format, json will be used.

Now to create multiple profiles ,  run the following which will append to your aws configuration file ( ~/.aws/config ) :

Now when you want to use this different profile for a simple command you use the profile parameter -profile

If you want to switch to use a profile  for mutiple commands enter:


Linux, macOS or Unix

Setting the environment variable changes the default profile until the end of your shell session, or until you set the variable to a different value.


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